Who’s watching you?

As part of this project we had to look up and do some research online about our team members, I did some research on my new team members dragonslayer5000 and killian.. the results found were pretty interesting as to what you can find out about any given person from their social media sites and history of having online accounts or photos.. although not all of it can be true as it’s hard to trust a lot of information found online.. also the fact that theres more than one person with the same name on this planet! However, I took note on what i could find whether believable or not and gathered the information to bring together with my team mates.

After comparing each others info we began to plan out our presentation, divide the workload, and decide who would be researching what and which topics we would agree on to discuss.


Week 8

This class was much better as I finally got my microphone to work! enabling me to communicate without using the chat box and getting a good feel on what the class was and what i’ve been missing out on.

We spoke on our brief and progress and how we were communicating with our groups about our work. We talked about what was easiest for us to keep in touch with each other on a virtual basis. Whether second life was a good platform to use or not.. coming to the conclusion that because it wasn’t on our phones and easy to access at any given time it was a straight up no.. Facebook taking over in terms of convenience and likability. We also got a good chance to ask any questions we may have had towards our blogs and presentation group work project.

Week 7

For our seventh week it was review week, because of this we made a group decision to postpone the class till the following week, giving us a chance to think further into our group presentation and work. We discussed this through our Facebook group chat.

Week 6

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to our 6th class as I was away with no access to my laptop or second life.¬†However, I still developed an understanding of what the lesson entailed from my fellow classmates on our online group chat using Facebook. The class was hosted by a guest lecture and was held in another location situated on an island. I visited the location in my own time after reading the class summary as i wanted to get a feel of the place to fit the description given. The map is designed in order to enable people with disabilities engage in there virtual lives as they would in real life using soothing colour schemes and various other features. I believe the class then teleported to an art gallery (Cape Able) which I feel i would’ve enjoyed as art lies in one my main interests it would have been interesting to see it in a virtual form. The class also teleported to a third destination (Cape Serenity) involving poetry and gardens.

Week 5

For my fifth blog we were given the title on how to convert our personal presence online into an identity for professional networking. Firstly I think as in terms of a professional point of view I would have my avatar as a more genuine, realistic character as appose to the more creative creature type avatar’s. I think second life would be a good form of professional networking as it’s an easy way to meet up and communicate to people using your voice, and chat box. It’s a unique way to meet your professional partner or co workers in a networking form as you would have a set time and meeting place.. like our class module itself. As a professional you would have your own working space, perhaps a studio in second life where you carry out your professional practises. I would also have a strong opinion of myself and my avatar through the description and what i’m about.

Week 4

Unfortunately I was absent for our fourth lesson as I was in no reach of my laptop and internet access, however, I have gained an understanding of what the lesson consisted of based on the online summary and from my fellow classmates and Facebook group chat. I believe we had a guest lecturer, Sitearm Madonna, who spoke to us about online collaboration. From my reading of the summary I gathered that the guest lecturer informed us about his previous life in virtual form and his identity. We were also informed that the first class assessment would be in week 5 and that pepe picante had set up the group Facebook page for us all to join. We were also told to meet up and communicate regularly with our group members (myself and meadbhyy) and begin to generate some ideas.

For the following lesson we were given some reading material and told to write up our fourth blog post.

Week 3

In our third class we agreed to make a Facebook group page and add everyone in to make it easier to ask any questions or concerns at any time. We discussed the places we visited in second life and noticed that most people, like me, found it difficult to encounter other life forms in the same area at the same time we were visiting and exploring them. We were also given our group project and who would be in our group myself (lethal bacon) and meadbh (meadbhyy) being group 15. The group project title is ‘who’s watching you?’ which i find to be quite interesting as it’s something I’ve always really wondered in terms of being on social media and the internet.

We were also given a couple of tasks for the next class such as to go outside our usual place in second life and encounter other people who share similar interests to myself like football, art, and design. In other words, make friends outside of the class in second life. and also to write another blog based on my encounters.